Plant, Equipment & Fabrication

Established to manage and utilize the company's vehicle fleet, equipment, and machinery in-house, rather than outsourcing it. This allowed Eastern international to save extra cost and ensure that the work is entirely done with better service and quality. With aim to support projects in meeting the programs and keeping the site production on track. It’s divided into two departments:

I.Plant & Equipment Department

Manages the company's plant, vehicle fleet, and equipment. It has several workshops in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah that provides; Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown, Repair & Maintenance and Registrations & Certification.

II. Machinery & Fabrication Department: 

  • The Machinery Department; manages the power tools, machines, small tools and other construction equipment. The department keeps a large store of construction equipment and issues items to the projects based on their needs.
  • The Fabrication Department uses its design and engineering skills to fabricate project items such as secondary steel work, curing tanks, diesel tanks, water tanks, concrete buckets, sound proof canopies, man lift baskets and any other items based on the project’s requirement. It includes a separate paint shop facility which enables the Plant Division to ensure all assets are maintained to an acceptable level of finish in line with company standards.